Registering your puppets

If you've tried the demo version of a puppet, and are satisfied that it will work for your attraction, you may register your puppet to remove the watermark.

  • All sales are final. Try the demo thoroughly before you buy.

When you register, you will get a license key. Enter it into the demo version to turn it into a registered version. The demo version is the fully functional puppet; all registering does is remove the watermark. (Don't lose your license key; you'll need it to unlock any updates in the future.)

How to register

Choose which puppet you'd like to register, and for which default platform. (Your license keys can be used for both Mac and PC, but you will get a download link for the platform you select.)

Only $15 Only $15 Only $15 Only $15
Mirror Mirror Yorick Gordo Frosty
Mac Mac Mac Mac
Windows Windows Windows Windows

You will be taken to a payment page at Once they process your payment, you should receive an email with the license key. Launch your demo version of the puppet, enter the key in the dialog that pops up, and your software will be registered. The watermark will be gone, and you'll be ready to start enchanting your visitors!

After you purchase

If you use our puppets at your home haunt or pro attraction, we'd love to see how you used it, or hear how it went! Tell us all about it and we may feature it on our "Friends of ImaginEERIEing" page!


Your registration is a license for you personally to use Mirror Mirror in whatever haunt, project, or performance you are personally associated with. If you are putting your sweat into an event or attraction, you can use the mirror with it in any way that you like. If you want to install the puppet on multiple computers for a haunt, that's fine, but please don't give your key away to people for other haunts.

Your license key works on both the Mac and PC versions; once you buy a license to use a puppet, you do not have to buy it again for the other platform; you may install it on either platform for your haunting needs.

Our goal is to provide a license that lets you be as creative as possible with the puppets in your haunt. If there is a use you'd like to put the puppet to that is somehow incompatible with the above, contact us.